New Website

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Hi everybody.

I haven’t posted anything for a while as I have been getting an actually website up and running. Its called You Serve US.

I will be posting businesses, people and orgainzations that either do a good job or bad job serving.  You will be amazed at some of the ones that I have or will list as bad!!


I hope you all enjoy it. And there are links on that site you can email your comments to be posted or email us if you would like to get your business reviewed.

Hope you check us out at You Serve US


Animal Doctor

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Have any of you ever been to the Animal Doctor up on state street in watertown? I recently took my dog there for her yearly check up. I was a little nervous. I have been going there about two years-ever since I left the TI Animal Doctor up near Alex Bay. (And dont even get me started on those QUACKs!!) The doctor that has always take care of my baby at the Animal Doctor was DR. Jeff but he has since moved and maybe you had heard about the tragic accident that killed the owner of the Animal Doctor recently. So I was very concerned about the quality of care I would get there now. Well I had nothing to worry about. The new doctor that looked at my baby girl was very caring and very up to date on all of her knowledge. I was very impressed!!!! Everyone at this place is so very nice and always seem to honestly care about each and every pet that comes into their office. If you really love your pet as I do you need to switch to this vet!!! They are second to no one!!!!!!!

The New Wing Place

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Ok finally a good review!!! Have you been to the new wing place up on arsenal next to the new Ponderosa and the new hotel up there. I have been avoiding that area for a while. it just looks like a lot of businesses in a very small area. Seems like it would be hard to drive around in there. But I went there yesterday and it was fine. I’m not even sure what its called and ya know what? Doesnt matter!! They seem to be a great place!!! We went about 11 30 so not many people in there. The place looks great! You walk in and you have lots of big screens with sports on it. They have a bar and plenty of seating. Oh and no loud noise from the tv’s so that is a huge plus!!! We were seated very very fast. the waitress was super super nice and gave us lots of ideas on what was good and yes she even mentioned some things that she didnt think was so good. Wow! Someone working in the service industry that actually is honest!!!!

I got 24 medium wings and my friend got a chicken sandwich of some sort and I ordered some mozirella sticks. Of course I was wondering if this would be a repeat of the Mexican place from Saturday night and we would have to wait almost an hour to find out they made my order wrong.
But everything came fast, was the way we ordered it and the whole meal was great.

Ok now to be fair my friend didnt like her sandwich…but hey Gab you never like anything damit!!!!!
But the waitress was very nice about it and asked what was wrong and was honestly concerned cause she didnt like it.

The price for the meal was about $40 dollars with drinks and all. And we left a $10 dollar tip.

This place is great!!! Not a lot of things on the menu but something for everyone.

So yes virginia there is a good place to eat in watertown ny!

UPDATE!!!!! Ok so maybe this is not the greatest place in Watertown. I have been getting some comments and emails that this place is not very good…specifically the service. I guess to be fair we were there before the lunch rush so its not hard to take care of two tables. The food as I said was not all that great if you dont like wings or chicken or burgers. So the comment below about the wing place most likely is correct. I will try to go back next week at a busy time and check them out. That should give us a much clearer picture of how good or bad this place really is.
Thanks again for all the feed back-good and bad! And I will post all comments no matter how bad about me!!! Free speech on the internet ya know!!!

How Do You Know If Your Getting Good Service?

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I just wanted to thank everyone for there comments and emails about my blog. After just one day the response I have been getting shows people in NNY really want to know about the best and worst businesses in northern ny. Thanks to everyone even the person that commented about my bad spelling. Oh and to respond to that-nope not going to use spell check-takes to long and this is me. I figure if you know what I mean then its spelled close enough-right?

Anyway, I had a few people email me and ask what I thought made a business good or bad. Wow now thats a question…but I guess its matter of opnion right? Well here is my thoughts on that…….

I think anytime you walk into a business there should be someone to say hi or good morning or at least looks your way and smiles. I dont like to walk into a business and think I am intruding.

I think the prices should be a fair mark up…not slamming us just cause we live in a military town.

Oh and while I am on the subject: the prices should be clearly marked you should not have to guess what the price is. Did you know in New York State if something is mismarked the store has to give you that item for that price? Hell I have saved a ton of money at Walmart cause the idiots that work there dont know what they are doing.

If there is a problem you should be able to talk to the manager easily without a lot of fuss from the workers in the store. And if the manager is not handling your problem you should be able to get the direct number of the district manager, owner or corportate office. And dont give me a friggin 800 customer service number damit!!! No one ever reads the reports those numbers take from you!!!! I want a direct number!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the question: when should you complain? Well I dont beleive in complaining just cause your food took 15 minutes and you thought it should only take 10. I think a half hour to get your main course is a reasonable time frame. Maybe a bit more if its a weekend and its busy.

You should complain if the food that comes is not what you ordered or is not cooked the way you want.

When should you ask for your money back?? I dont feel a customer should ever have to ask for their money back. The business should offer to give the money back or not charge the customer. If you as a customer have to ask for a refund then guess what…..BAD SERVICE!!!!!!

These are just a few of the rules I think people should follow when they are a customer. My two rules are:
Rule #1: If you think your getting bad service…you probable are.
Rule #2: Dont give money to a business that could care less about you as a customer.

Welcome to New York Service

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Thanks for checking out New York Service.  What is New York Service? It is a blog about good and bad service in Northern New York.  I have been wanting to write a blog for a long time to talk about businesses in the area that give their customers good and bad service.  I think its time people knew what business are worth giving their money too and which ones arent.  Why would you want to be a customer in a business that could care less about their customers???  Please feel free to give me comments and let me know about your experiences-good and bad!!!